The sign of pure theatre is a performance that can have you in tears one minute, then laughing the next. That ability is down to both the direction and performance of the piece, all achieved in ‘Ordinary Days’, the debut production of Valley Arts Theatre Company.

Running until Saturday 18th February 2017 at 41 Monkgate Theatre (York), ‘Ordinary Days’ sounds simple at first –  a story of 2 men and 2 women in New York who at first all appear to have normal lives. Through their connections to each other, they come to understand they are all part of a much bigger story.

Leading Valley Arts towards a strong future are Ben Papworth (Director and Producer), Megan Conway (Artistic Director), Ryan Durkan (Musical Director) and Luke Hutchinson (Technical Director). Their talents used previously on numerous productions in York, both separately and together, makes ‘Ordinary Days’ a solid basis for the company to undoubtedly build upon.

Conway’s choice of minimalist set pieces allows the audience to imagine and interpret each scene to their own liking, with the falling of paper in the second half being used to stunning results.

The talented cast (Matthew Ainsworth, Sam Lightfoot-Loftus, Emma-Louise Lane and Jess Main) all bring a wide variety of emotions to the stage to present to the audience. Personal song highlights were ‘Fine’ (Ainsworth/Main), ‘Sort of Fairy Tale’ (Lightfoot-Loftus/Lane) and ‘Dear Professor Thomson’ (Lane). But the emotional roller coaster award goes to Main’s ‘I’ll Be Here’ whose performance was both raw and graceful at the same time (tissues are essential!)


Tickets available at:

Facebook: Valley Arts Theatre Company

Twitter: @ValleyArtsYork


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